STEPHANIE KIM - Trained with School of American Ballet , Pacific Northwest Ballet School Stefan Wenta and is presently with Luminario Ballet

JACK VIRGA - Danced with Lula Washington Dance Theater and is presenting running a studio in Redondo Beach, Calif.

DAMIEN DIAZ - Danced with Zurick Ballet, San Francisco Ballet , Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo and Luminario Ballet

GAIDA PAULOVSKA – Media City Ballet, Latvianian Ballet, Wenta Ballet and presently Argentenian Tango

MICAH MOCH – named 25 to Watch in Dance Magazine 2012, is a native of LA and began his dance training early on. He is currently dancing with Lula Washington Dance Theatre and trains with Stefan Wenta

EVAN SWENSON – has performed with Houston Ballet and Atlanta Ballet before moving to LA. He currently dances with Helios Dance Theatre, Luminario Ballet and Motion/Tribe

TIAN TAN - Graduated from LA Schhol of the Arts and is presently
guesting with City Ballet of LA and other local companies

AUBREY MORGAN – Five years with the New York City Ballet, New Orleans Ballet Theatre, Los Angeles Ballet, Media City Ballet

SERGEY KHEYLIK - Gold winner at Varna, Bulgaria 2002, Cirque de Soleil, Los Angeles Ballet, Media City Ballet

BRIANNA HAYNES – Luminario Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, City Ballet of Los Angeles, Wenta Ballet, film and modeling roles

LINDSEY HOLMES – Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Loyola Marymount grad, presently dancing in Pennsylvania's Philadanco

DELFINE PERROUD – Ballet Nurenburg, Ballet Zurich, Lumiario Ballet, presently In Winn show in Las Vegas

HEATHER LIPSON BELL – LA Opera, City Ballet, La Danserie, Zina Bethune Dance CO. also choreographs

DONTE PHILLIPS – City Ballet, Luminario Ballet, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, film and modeling work

LAUREN BELL – City Ballet of Los Angeles, presently dancing with Royal Cruises, Florida



Pointe Magazine Winner of "Viewers' Choice"
THE GOLDEN SLAVE Choreography: John Castagna Music: Rimsky-Korsakov
Dancers: Stephanie Kim and
Jack Virga